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Planning Your Home for Health and Comfort 










35 Pratt Street Meriden, Conn. 

Phone 5-5741 or 5-5742 

The Heart of Your Home 

Wherever you live, you are not far from a retailer 
who displays the Mark of Merit. Watch for this 
sign, for it is your guide to lasting satisfaction in 
heating and plumbing for your home. 
The Mark of Merit on a heating or plumbing 
product means that here is a product manufac- 
tured by American-Standard, the most famous name 
in the heating and plumbing field. It is your assur- 
ance of superior quality, matchless beauty and 
outstanding performance. 

The Mark of Merit in the window or in the sales- 
room of a heating or plumbing retailer tells you 
that here you can get American-Standard products. 
It also tells you that here is a retailer who has the 
experience and training to help you select the 
equipment best suited to your needs, and to install 
and service it for you. 

So look for the Mark of Merit. You'll be glad ever 
afterward that you did. 

Copyright 1950 Amefiean Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corporation 

WHETHER you're planning to build, buy or modernize a 
home, there are many features you have decided you want 
your home to have. But no matter what your individual taste in 
the matter of design, layout and furnishings, you take it for 
granted that you will be healthy and comfortable in your new 
home. Actually, how healthy and how comfortable you are to 
be depends to a great extent upon the heating and plumbing 
equipment you select. 

For heating and plumbing are the real heart of your home. The 
warmth and sanitation they provide are of unequalled impor- 
tance to your welfare. They will be in more constant use, relied 
on more heavily, than any other equipment in your home. And 
if you haven't paid particular attention to developments in 
these two fields recently, you'll be amazed by the many benefits 
you can get without budget strain. 

This book has been prepared to acquaint you with the heating 
and plumbing products manufactured by American-Standard 
— and to show you how these products can add to the health, 
comfort and convenience of your home. 


6 Popular Colors 

Bathroom and kitchen decoration offers a host of 
exciting possibilities when you can select fixtures 
of gleaming white or the six beautiful colors shown 
here. Carefully selected by American-Standard 
color experts, these six colors are universally 
popular. And their beauty is matched by their 
flexibility. They harmonize mth a wide variety of 
other shades and colors. They work equally well as 
the dominant color interest in the room or as a 
supporting color, 

American-Standard colors are true and perma- 
nent. They will not fade nor dull from wear, age 
or repeated cleaning. All six colors and white are 
sparkling, shining and glossy. (T'ang Red is avail- 
able in vitreous china plumbing fixtures only.) 

Plumbing Fixtures of Distinctive Beauty 
by AM£RiCAN-(:$taitdaifd 

Beaut)s comfort and health in your home are all served by 
American-Standard Plumbing Fixtures. Modern design, superior 
materials and expert workmanship combine to produce fixtures 
lovely to look at, convenient to use and faultless in performance. 

American-Standard Plumbing Fixtures are made of genuine vit- 
reous china or enameled cast iron. Both types are the best of their 
kind. The vitreous china is of the highest quality, experUy glazed, 
impervious to soiling and resistant to chipping, cracking, or 
crazing. Cast iron fixtures are made of one solid piece of cast iron 
with a heavy enamel coating fused for extreme durability. 

Ivoire de Medici 

Ming Green 


CIdir de Lunc Blue 

^i$ 0\i ^.* 


This most modern of baths is truly a treasure of 
beauty, convenience and comfort. Those two 
roomy corner seats alone make the Neo-Angle a 
favorite. For everything from bathing children to 
taking foot baths, from entering safely to sitting 
showers, the corner seats are a key feature. The 
low 16" sides add to the grace of the Neo-Angle 
and provide safely in entering and leaving. The 
wide, flat bottom of the tub is comfortable, easy 
to clean and safe for standing showers. 

The Neo-Angle is roomy, too. You get more bath- 
ing area in the Neo-Angle than in a conventional 
five-foot tub. But the unique diagonal line on which 
the bathing area is placed reduces the total length 
of the unit, making the Neo-Angle adaptable to a 
large variety of bathroom designs. 

Your Neo-Angle will be an eye-catcher. The clean 
simple lines, the graceful proportions and the deep 
lustrous finish all add up to beauty which thrills 
every time you see it. Rugged cast iron coated 
with acid-resisting enamel gives years and years 
of just-like-new appearance and service. 

Recess Style Especially fine for inveterate shower fans because it can 
be so easily closed off, the Recess Neo-Angle can be installed in a recess 
opening off any wall in the bathroom. It is 48" wide, 49^/^" front to back. 
Interior dimensions are the same as for the Corner Neo-Angle. Water sup- 
ply and drain can be on either right or left hand side. 

Roomier appearance is given any bathroom by the 
Neo-Angle Bath, efficient user of floor space. 
That's the Roxbury Lavatory and Master One- 
Piece Water Closet. 

Corner Style a real space-saver, the corner Neo-Angle fits into any 
corner of the bathroom. Water supply and drain can be on either right or 
left side, as desired. It requires 49^/2" along each wall, measures 59^^" 
from corner of walls to center of exposed corner on Neo-Angle. Overall 
height is 16", inside depth at outlet is 15". 



, J 

; \ ■' 

I ^ 





m0 ^ 



The Master Pembroke makes bathing a greater 
jjleasure than ever because it's designed for your 
comfort and convenience. The spacious bathing 
area lets you stretch out and relax and the wide, 
flat bottom is as comfortable for tub baths as it is 
safe for showers. Low sides make entering and 
leaving easy, and die smootli, wide rim provides 
a handy seat. All features add up to bathing 

And the Master Pembroke is just as nice to your 
bathroom as it is to you. Gracefully proportioned 
with smooth, clean lines, it has a distinctive appear- 
ance that increases tlie attractiveness of every bath- 
room. Smartly styled in white or color, it harmo- 
nizes with any room design and decorating scheme 
you select. 

Master Pembroke Baths are made of durable cast 
iron covered with a heavy coating of acid-resisting 
or regular enamel. Their smooth, deep beauty is 
permanently lustrous. They are available in sev- 
eral styles and sizes to meet every need. 


Corner Style has tlie exposed corner squared for beauty and safety. The 
pleasing proportions of the Master Femljroke make it an outstandingly at- 
tractive bath for small, medium or large bathrooms. Tlie Master Pembroke 
is available in models for installation in either right or left corners. Corner 
style Master Pembroke is 16" high, 30%" wide and 414, 5 or 5^/^ feet long. 

Recess Style features a convenient, comfortable rim seat. The extended 
center portion of tiie outer rim which provides this seat also makes recess 
installation outstandingly attractive, as in the room scene at the left. The 
Recess Master Pembroke is 16" high, 30%" wide at the ends, 32%" wide 
at the center, and is available in 4V2, 5 or 5y2 foot lengths. Water supply 
and drain can be at either right or left. 

Recessed installation of the Master Pembroke does 
more than add beauty. It dears the way for free 
movement, ample storage. Comrade Lavatory, 
Compact Water Closet. 

Lavatory-Dressing Table 

Outstanding in both beaut)' and convenience, the 
new Dresslyn Lavatory-Dressing Table will high- 
light any bathroom. It's a complete, ready-built 
unit with all the distinction of a custom-made in- 
stallation. And it provides the combined conveni- 
ence of lavatory, storage cabinet and dressing 

The spacious drawers and compartinents offer 
plentiful, easily accessible storage for toilet arti- 
cles, linens and cleaning materials. Smooth, water- 
proof cabinet tops on eitlier side of the lavatory 
are ultra-convenient. And the extra-deep lavatory 
is fine for washing, shaving and light laundry. 

The Dresslyn lavatory is genuine vitreous china, 
won't craze, chip or crack. It's made in American- 
Standard colors and white, in two sizes — 20" x 18" 
and 24" x 18". You can get tlie lavatory separately 
for use in custom-built installations if you desire. 

Dressing Table cabinets are smartly styled, beau- 
tifully finished and sturdily constructed. The cabi- 
nets are built of wood, tlie drawers of aluminum. 
Tops are plastic with a textured appearance and 
are resistant to stains, burns and abrasions. 

Kneehole Style Offerinj^ all the cimvenience of a (iressing table, the 
kneeliole style is perfect for powder room installation. It's 16" front to 
back (with tlie mil rim of the lavatory extending an additional 2" in front) 
and either SSV^" or 6214" long, depending on the size lavatory you choose. 
Kneehole can be on either )i"ht or left side. 

Cabinet Style Easily installed in bathrooms as small as 5 by 7 feet, 
the cabinet style has exactly the same dimensions as the kneehole styles. 
Both styles are made in five color combinations — bhie cabinet with beige 
linen top, gray cabinet with gray linen top, green cabinet with beige tweed 
top, peach cabinet with gray mother-of-pearl top and white cabinet with 
bhmd wood top. Lavatory can be in any of the American-Standard colors 
you cho<jse. so you get a choice of 31 harmonious color combinations. 

Triple use of the same space by the Dresslyn — 
Lavatory, dressing table, storage cabinet — makes 
any bathroom tops in convenience and comfort. 
Master Pembroke Bath, Compact footer Closet. 

In many styles and sizes 

"Lavatory by American-Standard" is just a short way of 
saying "Here's the best in lavatories." For the many styles 
and sizes of lavatories made by American-Standard are tops 
in beauty, convenience and durability. Pictured on these 
pages are a few of the more popular lavatory models in the 
American-Standard line. You're bound to find the" one 
which meets your individual requirements of size, and 
appearance exactly. 

American-Standard lavatories are made either of genuine 
vitreous china or enameled cast iron. Either type is an out- 
standing value. The genuine vitreous china is of the highest 
possible quality. Shiny and lustrous, it won't stain, crack 
or craze. Its color is permanent, can't be faded or dulled 
by constant use. Genuine vitreous china lavatories are avail- 
able in white and all six American-Standard colors. 

Enameled cast iron lavatories are sturdy, rigid one-piece 
castings of enduring cast iron, smoothly coated with either 
regular or acid-resisting enamel. They are made in aU colors 
except T'ang Red. 

While most lavatories shown here have non-tarnishing 
Chromard legs and towel bars, they are available without 
towel bars. And most of them can be purchased without 
legs. All other exposed fittings are of the same durable, 
easy-to-clean Chromard. Most lavatories can be equipped 
with Spring-Flo Aerator if desired. 


Genuine Vitreous China 

22" X 18" or 26" x 22" 

Genuine Vitreous China 
20" X 18" or 24" x 20" 

' Marledge 
Genuine Vitreous China 
18" x 14", 20" x 14" 
or 26" x 14" 

Genuine Vitreous China 

20" X 18', 24" X 20" 

27" X 22" or 36" x 22" 


Enameled Cast Iron 

20" x 18" or 22" X 19", 

Enameled Ca 


Enameled Cast Iron 

24" X 20" 

Madenta Dental Lavatory 
Genuine Vitreous China 
13" X 14" 
Your bathroom will offer in- 
creased sanitation with less 
confusion when you have a 
separate dental lavatory. 
Available in colors and white. 


The thorough, dependable performance of American-Standard 
Water Closets will be one of the biggest safeguards to health 
in your home. The quiet action and distinctive appearance of 
these water closets make them ideal for any badi or powder 
room. They are made in all colors and white. 

American-Standard Water Closets are genuine vitreous china, 
truly vitrified fixtures which are impervious to soiling. The 
smooth, hard glaze will not crack or craze. TTiey are carefully 
manufactured to guarantee ample thickness throughout and 
uniformity in waste channel size, two very important require- 
ments of efficient sanitary operation. 

Appearance matches performance in American-Standard 
Water Closets. Graceful contours and perfect synmietry make 

L 208 

20| \ 

^^^^- Compton 
Washdown close-coupled 

Center: ^^^^^ \ 

Reverse trap close-coupled 

^'^^'- Compact 

Siphon vortex close-coupled 



these fixtures distinctive, and the gleaming finish harmonizes 
with other fixtures and decorations. All exposed fittings are 
shiny, easy to clean, non-tarnishing Chromard metal. 

Famous Church seats are available for all American-Standard 
Water Closets. Correctly proportioned for utmost comfort 
and attractiveness, the seats are extremely durable and easily 
cleaned. Their color matches the color of the water closet. 

The Master One-Piece Water Closet pictured below is 
the ultimate result of more than 60 years experience in 
water closet manufacture. The quiet siphon vortex action 
of the Master One-Piece assures complete sanitation. 
Since tank and bowl are in one piece, the fixture is 
completely free standing, with no wall support required. 

Madval Bidet 

A welcome and useful addition to 
any bathroom, the Bidet offers the 
utmost convenience and sanitation 
for personal bathing. Supplied 
with hot, cold or tempered water 
and a convenient douche connec- 
tion with volume control, the Bidet 
is popular with many fastidious 
people. Flushing action, similar to 
that of water closets, further adds 
to its utility. It is 14" wide, 251/2" 
long and 15" high. All exposed 
metal is non-tarnishing Chromard. 
Bidets are made of genuine 
vitreous china in all American- 
Standard colors and white. 


3 Distinctive Trim Styles 

For bath and lavatory, American-Standard has created three out- 
standing attractive trim styles. Each of the three is available with 
baths and lavatories, or separately for replacement use. 
Waldorf Trim is ultra modem, featuring an unusual interpretation of 
the hexagonal motif. The combination of straight and curved hnes 
provides a streamlined effect of wide appeal. See top above. 
Colonial Trim offers a masterful rendition of the Early American 
Style. The smooth, curved lines and simple design of Colonial tittings 
keep them permanently in good taste. See center above. 
Standard Trim is a moderatelv priced style of universal appeal. Grace- 
fully proportioned and beautifully finished, this style features trim, 
straight lines which harmonize with any decor. See bottom above. 


Designed for superior performance and eye-catching 
beauty, American-Standard fittings are the crowning glory 
of any plumbing fixture. All exposed metal is finished in 
Chromard, non-tarnishing, easy to clean, always sparkling. 
And all metal, concealed or exposed, is of highest quality 
to provide many years of trouble-free service. Workman- 
ship too, is the finest, assuring ease of use and rugged 

You can select your fittings from a wide variety of attrac- 
tive designs and styles. Those pictured here are only a few 
of the many fittings in the American-Standard line. Your 
plumbing retailer can show you the complete line. 


Shower Heads 

The joy of a shower depends upon 
the adequacy of the water delivery, 
and these two American-Standard 
shower heads make showering ex- 
tremely pleasant. Both Boyd and 
Victor shower heads are easily ad- 
justed for fine or coarse spray and 
are equipped with ball joints for 
easy direction of water stream. An 
outstanding feature of both of 
these shower heads is the true 
water economy they afford, giving 
an invigorating sliower with less 
water than conventional shower 
heads use. Both can be easily 
cleaned to assure continuing satis- 
faction in operation. 

Spring-Flo Aerator 

Splashing is eliminated and suds 
are created faster when your fau- 
cet is equipped with the Spring- 
Flo Aerator. For tliis little device 
mixes air with the water to create a 
soft, foamy effect which increases 
cleansing qualities. The Spring- 
Flo is offered with most American- 
Standard lavatory and sink fit- 
tings. It is easily taken apart when- 
ever cleaning is necessarv. 

Re-nu Feature 

The wear which in time causes any 
faucet to leak almost invariably 
occurs in the washer and the 
threads which engage the stem. 
In Re-nu fittings, both the washer 
seat and threads are contained in 
an easily removable barrel instead 
of being an intergral part of the 
faucet. When repair is needed this 
barrel is easily replaced. 

Crumb Cup Strainer 

Your sink will have greater useful- 
ness — and you can keep it clean 
easier — when it has an American- 
Standard Crumb Cup Strainer. Fit- 
ting neatly in the drain opening, 
this strainer can be raised slightly 
to let water drain out while retain- 
ing all clogging sediment. 


Any sink takes on new beauty and added convenience when it is 
equipped with this new American-Standard Sink Fitting. Smartly 
styled in a graceful streamlined design, the fitting is finished in 
non-tarnishing Chromard. The spout swings smoothly from side 
to side. Conveniently shaped handles turn easily for convenient 
regulation of water stream or complete shutoff. Soap dish is 
handily located beneath spout, easy to reach, away from water 
stream. Thumb-controlled auto-spray unit reaches easily over 
entire sink area for quick, thorough rinsing. Furnished with or 
without Spring-Flo Aerator, as desired. 



Perfect work center for your new kitchen is 
the Royal Hostess Sink — beautiful and very, 
very practical. Every feature that means 
extra convenience, added beauty and greater 
durability is built into the Royal Hostess. 
Made of rigid cast iron in one solid casting 
and smoothly and thickly covered with 
gleaming acid-resisting enamel in white or 
color, these sinks are a permanent investment 
in kitchen pleasure. They're 36" high, same 
as your range and base cabinets. The deep 
compartment and raised back keep water 
where it should be, protect your walls from 
being splashed. 

Royal Hostess Sinks are 36" high and 25" 
wide. They are made in 42, 54, 60 and 72 
inch lengtlis. You can choose from single or 
double compartment models, with or without 
drain boards on either or both sides, to suit 
your exact needs. 

Fewer steps and less time for kitchen operations 
with the Royal Hostess Sink because it's adaptable 
to installation in any key location. 

The Sink Cabinet You've Always Wanted 

Designed and built for American-Standard Hostess Sinks, these beautifid 
cabinets are outstanding in usefulness and durability. They are made in 3 
styles and 11 models to fit any Hostess Sink you select. In combination 
with custom-made tops, these cabinets are ideal for Custom-Line and Flat 
Rim sinks by American-Standard. 

American-Standard sink cabinets are made of heavy steel, with smooth 
welded seams. The doors and drawer fronts are insulated to deaden sound. 
Inside and out the cabinet is Bonderized, then finished with two coats of 
enamel and baked. Concealed hand grips, straight lines and graceful pro- 
portions give the cabinets a streamlined appearance that highlights any 
kitchen and harmonizes with any wall or side cabinet design. 



For smaller kitchens where every inch of floor space counts. 
Utility Hostess Sinks deliver all benefits of the Royal Hostess. 
Chief difference between the two is the width, the Utility 
Hostess being a full 3" narrower. It measures 22" from front 
to back. The same sturdy construction, beautiful finish and 
attractive fitting that characterize the Royal Hostess are found 
in Utility Hostess Sinks. 

Utility Hostess Sinks are made in single and double compart- 
ment styles. Single compartment models can be equipped with 
one or two drainboards. Single drainboards may be on either 
side. Double compartment models have no drainboards. These 
sinks are all 36" high, 22" wide and are available in lengths 
of 42, 54, or 60 inches. You can choose from white or color. 
Utility Hostess Sinks fit the Sink Cabinet described on the 
previous page. 

More free floor area with no lessening of beauty 
or convenience is the gift of a Utility Hostess Sink 
to any kitchen arrangement. 

AMERiCAN-c$tandai>d Sinks are Built to Last 

Quality materials plus superior workmanship are two 
of the reasons for the long service American-Standard 
sinks provide. The cross section of one of these sinks 
that yoii see above tells the story. For here you see the 
single, solid piece of sturdy rigid cast iron that is 
processed to provide a surface of superior strength to 
which a tliick coating of acid-resisting enamel is fused. 
Heat fixing protects the enamel coating from cracking, 
chipping or peeling— and it can't be permanently 
stained by fruit or vegetable acids, alcohol or other 
liquids. You can be sure of long life and lasting beauty 
with an American-Standard sink. 


For Perfect Kitchen Unit Assembly 

For an attractive, watertight seal between a Hostess Sink 
and adjacent counter top, use the American-Standard 
Union Strip. This lustrous stainless steel device is in- 
stalled very easily and quickly. And when properly 
installed there's no cliance for dirt or moisture to seep 
beneath. It's made in two sizes, one for Royal and Duplex 
Sinks and one for Utilitv Hostess Sinks 




s," ^; 


rafil 2^;^ J;;^^^ SS*Sfe^ i 





Superior performance in oil fired systems depends in large 
part upon coordination between boiler and burner. American- 
Standard oil heating units provide this coordination in full- 
est measure. The Arcoflame Oil Burner, with the famous 
sunflower flame which extracts maximum heat from fuel, is 
of proper size and design for each boiler. The special Heat- 
Lib-0-Rator combustion chambers in American-Standard 

boilers are designed and proportioned for utmost heat utiliza- 
tion. Thus, boiler and burner work in complete coordination 
to provide efficient, dependable, economical heating. Com- 
pletely automatic in operation, American-Standard oil boilers 
are for use in any type of radiant system. 

All American-Standard oil fired boilers comply with A.S.M.E, 
standards. Arcoflame Burners are listed by Underwriters' 
Laboratories, Inc. and comply with Commercial Stand- 
ards CS-75. 

The Severn Smart appear- 
ance combines with superior 
performance to make the Sev- 
ern an outstanding heating 
unit for small to medium 
homes. Careful engineering 
and quality construction as- 
sure completely dependable, 
automatic heating at all times. 

Safe, comfortable and free for action for children 
and adults alike is the basement with the trim, 
compact Arcoliner Boiler installed in an out-oj- 
traffic location. 

The Arcoliner Wet Base 

For small homes, this low cost, 
ultra-dependable boiler provides a 
wealth of heating comfort. Wet 
base construction — water com- 
pletely surrounding combustion 
chamber — makes the Arcoliner 
ideal for first floor installation on 
any type floor. 

The Oakmont This superb 
heating unit is a welcome addition 
to any basement. Completely en- 
closed in the new smart-looking, 
easy-to-clean Forge Red jacket it 
looks good in any surroundings. 
Designed solely for oil firing, the 
Oakmont offers tops in heating for 
medium size homes. 



Thousands upon tliousands of satisfied home oivners who have 
received heating comfort year after )'ear from American- 
Standard Coal Fired Boilers attest to the excellent construc- 
tion, efiicient performance and dependable service these boilers 
offer. Expertly designed and carefully built, tliese boilers make 
utmost use of the fuel consumed. Their durable cast iron con- 
struction assures years of heating comfort. 

American-Standard coal fired boilers are designed for either 
hand or stoker firing. With stoker firing, tliey offer the benefits 
of automatic heating. Either hand or stoker fired boilers can 
be successfully used widi any hot water or steam heating 
system. Forge Red jackets, combined Avith black doors, give 
these boilers a distinctive appearance which enlivens any 
basement where tliey are installed. All American-Standard coal 
fired boilers comply with A.S.M.E. standards. 

The Severn Here is a boiler of 
completely modern design, inside 
and out. Noted for its low fuel con- 
sumption and easy care-taking, the 
Severn is a true provider of heat- 
ing comfort. The smart, stream- 
lined jacket makes it an outstand- 
ing hit in any installation. Stoker 
fired models have special opening 
which allow stoker to operate from 
the front or either side of the boil- 
er. Advanced engineering of the 
Severn makes it readily adaptable 
to mechanical firing with any fuel. 

The Arcoliner Dry Base 

A hand fired boiler for small 
homes, the Arcoliner is a real 
bargain in heating comfort. Re- 
quiring only minimum care and 
attention, it delivers heat quickly 
and lowers fuel consumption by 
proper combustion and lieat 
transfer features. Smartly styled, 
it occupies little floor space and 
works equally well with hot 
water or steam systems. It can be 
converted to mechanical firing, if 

Every man's delight is the efficient and convenient 
heating center and workshop which can be fitted 
in any basement boasting a Severn hand-fired 


The ExbrOOk For larger homes and small buildings, the 
Exbrook (not illustrated) delivers superior heating perform- 
ance. For coal firing it is made in stoker fired models only. The 
Exbrook is also available in oil fired models. 


Baseboard panels are the complete answer to de- 
mands for heat transfer units which provide both 
superior heating comfort and outstanding decora- 
tive appeal. These panels, with dieir smart, trim 
lines, are highly attractive. When recessed at floor 
level in place of conventional wooden baseboards 
and painted to match or harmonize witli walls or 
woodwork, tliey add that final touch of beauty 
which makes a room outstandingly distinctive. 

And baseboard panels do a wonderful heating job. 
Encircling the outside w^alls of the home they pro- 
vide a blanket of warmth at ankle height — ^just the 
spot where it's needed most to combat concentrated 
cold air. The result is even warmth throughout 

Type R Baseboard Radiant Panels are smooth, solid 
surfaces which heat by radiation. Manufactured in one- 
and two-foot lengths, tliey are installed with tiglit-fitting, 
leakproof joints to provide a continuous heating surface. 
They are carefully constructed of cast iron, one of the 
most enduring metals. Most installations are increased in 
attractiveness if thin moulding strips are used along top 
and bottom edges. Shoivn at left. 


RC Baseboard Radiant Panels offer both radiant 
and convected heat. Equipped with graceful slotted open- 
ings along the top edge, and with 1" high inlet opening at 
bottom, RC Panels allow air to circulate freely around the 
panel. Thus both the benefits of radiation and convection 
are obtained. RC Panels are also made in one- and two-foot 
lengths of enduring cast iron. Shoivn at right. 



rooms, mth only slight variations in temperature 
between floor and ceiling areas. 

You have complete freedom of room decoration 
when baseboard panels are used. There is nothing 
to interfere with the graceful fall of drapes, noth- 
ing to force off-balance furniture arrangement. 
And, of course, the entire floor area is free. 

Baseboard panels are adaptable to either forced 
hot water or two-pipe steam heating systems. With- 
out causing expensive installation costs or lower- 
ing the efficiency of the heating system you can 
use Baseboard Panels in combination with prop- 
erly selected Radiators and Convectors. 

Accessories Assure Attractive Installation 

American-Standard Baseboard Panel installations are com- 
pletely finished jobs. Special covers and enclosures for 
projecting or inverted corners and valve enclosures make 
the transition from one wall to another neat and attractive. 
And for installations where heating needs do not require 
Baseboard Panels along tiie entire length of a wall, special 
Extension Panels can be used to obtain an uninterrupted 
baseboard line from wall to wall. All accessories, like the 
panels themselves, can be painted or decorated as desired 
without afifecting heating efficiency. 



Supreme heating comfort and 

attractive appearance are twin 

features of the highly popular 

Sunrad. Providing a perfect 

balance of radiant and con- 

vected heat, the Sunrad meets 

modern heating requirements 

completely. Air circulates 

through the Hue ways, while 

ample face surfaces send out 

Sun-like radiant warmth. The 

result is the even, draft-free 

comfort so much desired. The Sunrad can be installed completely 

recessed in the wall, partially recessed or free standing. It works 

equally well with any type of boiler. 


Leaders in the field of 
modern design tube ra- 
diators, the Arco line of 
cast iron radiators will 
fulfill any heating need. 
Sturdily constructed and 
gracefully designed, slim 
tube Arco radiators are 
unobtrusive and effective 
in all types of installa- 
tion. Available in three, 
four, five, or six tube 
widths, they can be of the length required to provide proper 
radiation. The rugged cast iron construction assures many years 
of trouble-free service with any type of radiator heating system. 



Completely concealed be- 
hind distinctively beauti- 
ful enclosures, Arco Cast 
Iron Convectors provide 
exceptional heating com- 
fort economically and de- 
pendably. Air enters the 
enclosure at floor level, 
passes up over the con- 
vector where it is quickly 
warmed, and leaves 
through the grille at the 
top of the enclosure. The durable cast iron fins are proportioned 
and spaced for most effective lieat utilization. These convectors 
can be installed fully or partially recessed or free standing. 


The New Multifin Con- 
vectors fulfill the need for 
moderate cost convectors 
which deliver an out- 
standing heating job. 
Made of non-ferrous fin 
and tube construction, 
New Multifin Convectors 
are designed to heat up 
quickly and transfer heat 
to the circulating air with 
top efficiency. They are manufactured in a large number of stock 
sizes and special models can be ordered for unusual installations. 
New Multifin Convectors can be used with any type of boiler and 
are available for recessed or free standing installation. 



One of the biggest pleasures of the modern heating system is 
the delivery of true heating comfort without care or attention. 
This automatic operation is provided by a combination of 
famous "Detroit" controls and accessories which dictate every 
action of the heating system. All such functions as room tem- 
perature control, fuel delivery, heat circulation and safe 

operation in case of fuel or power failures are responsibly 
performed by these accessories and controls. Listed on this 
page are a few of the wide variety of "Detroit" products. 
Precision made of finest materials, these products are your 
assurance of dependable, accurate, safe operation of your heat- 
ing system at all times. 

"Timed Cycling" Thermostat This attractive 
"Detroit" tliermost at performs a dependable, accu- 
rate job of room temperature control. Its "Timed 
Cycling" feature permits the thermostat to antic- 
ipate the heating demands of the home. Thus 
only enough heat is delivered to overcome the 
home's heat loss, providing comfort with liigh 
fuel economy. 

Special models of "Detroit" thermostats are avail- 
able for providing manual or automatic night 
turn-down, if desired. 


Proper functioning of your convectors, radiators or baseboard 
radiant panels requires perfect circulation of hot water or 
steam. "Detroit" circulating and air venting valves provide 
for this efficient circulation. They are available in styles and 
sizes for any type or model radiator, convector or baseboard 
radiant panel. Expertly designed and made of quality mate- 
rials, they make any heating system better. Insist on their use 
in your heating system. 


The controls needed for automatic 
operation of boilers are deter- 
mined by the type of fuel which 
the boiler uses. Dependable, high 
quality "Detroit" controls are 
available for all American-Stand- 
ard boilers, whatever the fuel. 
The combination of "Detroit" con- 
trols and an American-Standard 
boiler is complete assurance of 
long, accurate, efficient perform- 

"Bi-Flex" Gas Valve provides 
automatic control of gas supply to 
burner on demand of room thermo- 

"Detroit" Stack Control ofEers 
complete safety operation of oil 

Relay Transformer enables low- 
voltage room thermostat to operate 
circulator in forced hot water 

Winter Comfort with Warm Air Heating 

Warm Air Heating has become increasingly popular in recent years because of 
the high degree of flexibility offered, the moderate installation cost involved, 
and the aid to home ventilation provided. Constant, gentle circulation of warm 
air makes a home pleasantly fresh and comfortable. Warm air heating equip- 
ment is easily controlled. It produces heat quickly and is highly responsive to 
changes in heat demand. When desired, heat can be shut off completely from 
certain rooms very easily. Two general types of warm air heating systems — 
gravity warm air and winter air conditioning — can be operated efficiently with 
any of the popular fuels, gas, oil, or coal. 

Gravity Warm Air Heating 

This is the simplest type of warm air heating. It operates on 
the principle that warm air is lighter than cool air. The burn- 
ing fuel in the furnace warms the heating element. Air passes 
around this heating element. When warmed, the air rises 
through ducts and enters the various rooms of the home. The 
cooler air in the room is heavier and close to the floor, where 
it enters return air registers and is conveyed to the furnace 
for reheating. 

Gravity warm air heating systems can be either manually or 
automatically fired. The American-Standard line of gravity 

warm air equipment includes units to provide comfortable, 
efficient heating for any size home. 

Winter Air Conditioning 

In addition to heating your home to the highest levels of com- 
fort, American-Standard Winter Air Conditioners provide 
bonus service for your health and comfort by conditioning 
the air. This conditioning includes filtering, humidifying, and 
circulating air. The circulating air passes through efficient 
filters which remove dust and dirt. This clean air is heated 
and enters the plenum chamber where moisture is added to 
provide the proper degree of humidity. From there, the air is 
forced by a powerful, silent blower through the ducts into the 
rooms of your home. The constant duty type motor is espe- 
cially suited for continuous air circulation — the popular trend 
in home heating. 

A final advantage offered is the use of the blower alone for 
circulating fresh, cooler night air throughout the home dur- 
ing the summer season. You can enjoy winter air conditioning 
with either manual or automatic firing, and with any fuel. 



Designed and engineered solely for gas firing, American- 
Standard gas fired winter air conditioners operate with de- 
lightful efficiency and dependability. These outstanding units 
deliver all the comforts of winter air conditioning — plus pre- 
cise temperature control and completely automatic perform- 
ance. Once you've set the room thermostat at the temperature 
you desire, the Winter Air Conditioner does the rest. 

Jackets distinctive in new Forge Red finish on all American- 
Standard Winter Air Conditioners allow them to be installed 

in any setting with complete harmony of design and color 
scheme. The quiet, clean operation and minimum space re- 
quired for tliese units make them ideal for installation in 
activit}^ areas, such as laundries, utility rooms or game rooms. 

American-Standard gas fired winter air conditioners are avail- 
able for burning natural, manufactured, mixed, liquefied 
petroleum and LP-air gases witli the highest degree of effi- 
cienc) . The) comply with National Safety Requirements and 
are approved by the American Gas Association. 

THE WYANDOTTE is a high-boy unit especially 
designed for installation in closets, alcoves, or utility 
rooms of small homes and apartments. Attractive in 
both design and appearance, it features construction 
details similar to the Seneca. 

THE SENECA is a moderate price unit available 
in sizes for small and medium homes. It features a 
copper-bearing steel heating element with a cast iron 
ribbon type burner. Closely woven filters clean the air. 
Precision controls make operation entirely automatic. 

The Wyandotte 

Handy place for work, play or storage 
any season of the year is the basement 
which contains the clean, automatic 
Mohawk Winter Air Conditioner. 

The Seneca 

THE MOHAWK is a high quality cast 
iron unit of outstanding beauty to provide 
deluxe service in small, medium and large 
homes. The durable cast iron heating element 
and the cast iron burner with high tempera- 
ture alloy ribbons assure long, trouble-free 
service. Precision controls and a quietly op- 
erating double-inlet blower provide positive 
temperature control and air circulation. Effec- 
tive filters remove dirt and dust from the air. 



All the heat you want with the least possible fuel consumption 
is tlie story of American-Standard oil fired winter air condi- 
tioners. Arcoflame Burners work in perfect coordination with 
the conditioners to provide most efficient fuel combustion and 
heat transfer. 

The powerful, silent blowers incorporated in all American- 
Standard Winter Air Conditioners circulate the warm, humidi- 
fied air positively and evenly throughout the home. The burner 
responds quickly to demands from the room thermostat, 

turning on or shutting off instantly. Entire operation is fully 
automatic. Blower motor does not interfere with radio or 
television. These oil fired winter air conditioners, in their 
trim, easily cleaned Forge Red jackets, are suited for attrac- 
tive installation in any surroundings. Arcoflame Oil Burners 
are listed by the Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. for No. 1 
and No. 2 grades of domestic fuel oil and comply with Com- 
mercial Standards CS-75, 

The Westmoreland is a deluxe basement type 
unit for medium to large homes. It features a rugged, 
durable steel heating element, correctly propor- 
tioned and designed exclusively for oil firing. Double 
inlet type blower provides large air circulation capac- 
ity. Attractive Forge Red jacket enhances basement 

Utility room usefulness and convenience is at its 
highest with theff inter glo Winter Air Conditioner 
requiring so little floor space for its operations. 

The Winterglo is a favorite for 
utility room or alcove installation in 
small homes and apartments. It has 
a compact, efficient welded steel heat- 
ing element using a high temperature 
steel combustion chamber. Less than 
five feet liigli, it requires slightly 
more than four square feet of floor 
space. When furnished with Arco- 
flame Oil Burner, Winterglo is listed 
by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. 

The Winterway provides supe- 
rior heating comfort for small to 
medium homes. Heating element of 
welded steel construction with wrap- 
around radiator is proportioned to 
eliminate hot and cold spots for long 
life. Arcoflame Burner operates with 
utmost fuel economy. The graceful 
proportions of the distinctive Forge 
Red Jacket make the Winterway a 
popular addition to any basement. 


The Cliffdale 

The Arlington "Square' 

All of the many benefits offered by 
winter air conditioning can be en- 
joyed with the coal hand fired unit 
of your choice. These winter air 
conditioners, like the AUerton for 
small to medium homes or the 
Cliffdale for larger residences, pro- 
vide the clean healthful warmth 
true comfort demands. Sturdy all- 
welded steel heating elements mean 
highest economy and real depend- 
ability. Smartly styled Forge Red 
jackets make these units an asset to 
any basement. Blower can be in- 
stalled on either side. 


The comfort you get from a gravity warm air heating 
system depends to a high degree upon the quality of 
the furnace used. The quality furnaces in the com- 
plete American-Standard line perform an outstand- 
ing heating job with top efficiency and economy. The 
Arlington "Square" in its distinctive Forge Red 
jacket is ideally suited for any type basement. Cor- 
rectly proportioned in every detail, it is a truly 
modern steel furnace for small to medium size homes. 
The Clifton is typical of the lower priced furnaces 
available for installations where appearance is not 
so important. It is a durable steel unit, quality built 
to offer the best in heating comfort at minimum cost. 
Other furnaces, both cast iron and steel, are also 
available. Like the hand fired winter air conditioners 
above, all of these units may be readily converted 
at any time to automatic firing with oil, using the 
Arcofiame Oil Burner, with gas, using the Stanflame 
Conversion Burner, or with stoker fuel. 


The Allerton 

The Clifton 


Designed solely for gas firing, the American-Standard Fur- 
naces on this page offer completely automatic heating with 
low operating cost and moderate first cost. They incorporate 
all advanced features in the design and engineering of gas 
fired gravity furnaces, providing complete safety of operation 

and highest efficiency in fuel combustion and heat transfer. 
American-Standard gas furnaces comply with National Safety 
Requirements and are approved by the American Gas Asso- 
ciation. They burn natural, maimfactured, mixed, and lique- 
fied petroleum and Butane-air gases. 

The Blower-Filter Unit can be 

installed with any type gravity fur- 
nace to provide forced circulation of 
clean, warm air. Filters remove dust 
and dirt from circulated air. Rubber 
mounted blower and motor operates 
quietly and efficiently. Motor does not 
interfere with radio or television. 

The Navaho is a modem unit for small 
homes which can be effectively heated from 
a centrally located warm air oudet. Sturdy 
and compact, only 271/^" deep, it can be 
easily and quickly installed in basementless 
homes. The Navaho is available with either 
flat floor grille or with a dual-wall register 
for directing heal into two separate rooms. 


The Shawnee is a compact, 

fully automatic, highly efficient 
steel furnace for small to medium 
homes. It occupies minimum floor 
space (3' x 3' 7" for the largest 
size) and is ideally suited for in- 
stallation in any type siuround- 
ings. It is enclosed by the sturdy 
Forge Red jacket which harmo- 
nizes with any decorating scheme. 


Summer comfort cooling is equally as important as 
winter heating when comfort is measured on an all- 
year basis. And the modern summer air conditioner 
assures luxuriously cool comfort in hot weather by 
gently circulated mechanically cooled and dehumidi- 
fied air throughout the entire home. As dependable 
and simple in operation as your refrigerator, an 
American-Standard summer air conditioner has a 
tried and proven completely hermetically sealed 
cooling system, tested and sealed at the factory. 
Installed quickly and easily, in existing as well as 
in new homes, your summer air conditioner uses the 
same ductwork as your forced warm air heating 

The Mayfair is a self-contained 
residential summer comfort cool- 
ing unit that offers quiet com- 
pletely automatic operation. 
Handsome in its Forge Red 
jacket, it features a 2-horsepower 
refrigeration system and exclu- 
sive two-step control for greatest 
flexibility and operating econ- 
omy. A five-year protection plan 
on the hermetically sealed refrig- 
eration circuits furnished with 
each unit is proof of dependable, 
trouble-free performance. 


Super-clean air throughout the home is now no longer a dream 
but a comforting reality if you have a residential air conditioning 
system. For the complete American-Standard line includes the very 
latest in electronic air cleaners — smart, modern, compact units 
designed for easy installation in the return air duct of any winter 
or summer air conditioning system. Electronic filtering means 
cleaner rooms, draperies and furniture, fewer cleaning bills, less 
depreciation to interior decorating, fresher indoor air, greater 
comfort, a more healthful home atmosphere. Your electronic filter 
uses about as much electricity as a 50-watt light bulb. 

The Magne-f liter is a dry type 
electronic air cleaner that traps 
even the smallest particles of dust 
and dirt. Finished in Forge Red, it 
has Hght, sturdy disposable filter 
cells as collector elements, con- 
tinues to filter the air even if elec- 
trostatic action is interrupted. 
Made in sizes to meet all residen- 
tial air cleaning requirements. 


Year 'Round Residential 

Air Conditioning System 

Both the Mayfair Summer Air Conditioner and 
the Magne-filter Air Cleaner may be installed with 
a quality winter air conditioner Hke the Seneca, 
as shown below, to provide the ultimate in comfort 
all through the year. 


for Boilers > Winter Air Conditioners ■ Gravity Warm Air Furnaces 



Enjoy gas heating at its finest when you 
convert with a Stanflame Conversion 
Burner. It is easily adaptable to almost 
any type of heating unit and installation 
requires only a few hours. The Stanflame 
is easy on fuel, long on heat production. 
It burns all gases including liquefied 
petroleum gases. Operation is com- 
pletely automatic. The Stanflame is fin- 
ished in Forge Red, harmonizing with 
the design and finish of most boilers, 
winter air conditioners or furnaces. The 
Stanflame is listed by the American Gas 


Automatic oil heating is a real joy 
when the Arcoflame Oil Burner 
takes command. Engineered for 
dependable, fuel-saving perform- 
ance, the Arcoflame burns -with the 
famous sunflower flame which gets 
the utmost heat from fuel con- 
sumed. There is a model for most 
makes of boilers, winter air condi- 
tioners and furnaces. Listed by 
Underwriters' Laboratories and 
complies with Commercial Stand- 
ard CS-75. 


Automatic Gas Water Heater 

Hot water comfort is a fact, not a fancy, when 
you have a Budget Water Heater in your 
home. Quick recovery keeps the storage tank 
full of heated water, and thermostatic opera- 
tion assures the temperature you desire. The . 
Budget is made in 20, 30 and 40 gallon models 
to meet most home requirements. Jacket is 
finished in gleaming white enamel. Factory in- 
stalled magnesium anode for added resistance 
to corrosion is available if desired. The Budget 
is approved by the American Gas Association 
for practically all types of gas. 

Convenient Time Payment Plan 

There's no need to do without the comforts of niodern heating or 
plumbing just because you can't pay in full right now. Your local 
American-Standard retailer can arrange to finance your moderniza- 
tion plans for you. And you can buy now with no down payment- 
with three full years to pay. 

This plan was set up specifically to lielp you. You don't have to 
undergo endiarrassing credit investigations and no co-signers are 
required. The entire matter is handled quickly and confidentially 
by your local retailer. He'll be glad to answer any questions you 
have about the matter. 

So there's no need to delay longer. See your American-Standard 
retailer today and get started on your heating and plumbing 
modernization now. 


If you Avould like more information about an American- 
Standard product shown in this book, or desire some 
heating or plumbing item not shown, see your local 
American-Standard retailer. He knows the answers to 
your questions. In case you cannot easily visit your 
dealer, write to American Radiator & Standard Sani- 
tary Corp., at the address below nearest you or P. 0. 
Box 1226, Pittsburgh 30, Penna. Your inquiry will 
receive prompt attention. 


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